Nourishing snacks for procrastin-eating

For some people, 3 main meals a day does not cut it and a mid morning and afternoon tea snack helps with completing the daily to do” list. 

But which types of snacks improve our energy and concentration levels throughout the day rather than give us the urge to eat more and more snacks? 

You probably guessed it. Those snacks that are high in kilojoules and low in protein and nutrients are not helpful for good health and wellbeing. So yes, the bag of chips, chocolate bars, donuts, muesli bars and the soft drinks are more of an enemy rather than our friend. 

So which snacks should we embrace?

In no particular order……

1. Small tub of Greek yoghurt with seasonal fruit 

2. Vegie sticks (carrots, celery, capsaicin) with dip like hummus or tzatziki

3. Small bowl of plain popcorn (not the caramel stuff!)

4. Slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter

5. Small handful of roasted chickpeas – see recipe below 

6. Boiled egg 

7. Small handful of mixed unsalted nuts 

8. Thin slices of cheese and tomato with crackers 

9. Small homemade savoury muffin 

10. 130g tin of salt reduced baked beans 

The above 10 snacks will make you feel energised throughout the day because they are low glycaemic index (read more about GI here) — meaning you won’t get a rush of energy and then fall into a heap an hour later and they are also high in protein so you will feel fuller for longer! 

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