Diabetes Group Workshops


Nourish is one of the very few health hubs in Adelaide offering group workshops for better diabetes care. 

Nourish group education programs combine medical and nutrition education, self-management training, and patient empowerment in a friendly group setting under the guidance of Rebecca, our diabetes educator and dietitian

Shopping tours are back for 2022

These tours are a fun, practical and engaging way for you to become better at

reading nutrition labels and panel
counting carbohydrates
improving your overall nutrition
understanding food and glucose levels

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The many benefits of our diabetes group workshops 


Benefit from the strength and positivity that comes from being with people who are improving a condition just like yours and are happy to share their experience and advice. 

Increased motivation

The combination of healthcare provider-led education and learning from peers can help keep you motivated as you make positive lifestyle improvements. 

More information

In a group setting, another patient may ask a question you didn’t even think of. So you’ll get even more information to benefit your own self-management.

Individual attention from the expert 

Each participant will receive recommendations and guidance based on their own individual results, despite being in a group setting.

Cost effective

Group settings tend to be more cost effective, while Medicare or your private health
insurance company cover the majority of the cost.

What you need to participate

For our Group Workshops you’ll need a signed Referral form for Group Allied Health Services under Medicare for patients with type 2 diabetes” from your GP or medical specialist.

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